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Reliability and PdM Services to manufacturing, power, and other industrial companies throughout the United States and Canada, since 2003.

Our Job is to Maximize Your Return On Investment

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ROI’s approach to Reliability/Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Service involves the application of multiple technologies to proactively provide you with the information necessary for maintenance and operational decisions. This methodology involving integration of several PdM technologies results in a high degree of accuracy regarding analysis of problematic conditions. Since no one technology will detect and provide the capability to analyze all problems, this approach provides a high level of confidence that problems will not be overlooked and will be detected in early stages of degradation. 

The maintenance cost per horsepower per year is directly related to the type of maintenance program in place at your facility. An EPRI study indicates the results shown in the graph to the left. Run To Failure results in the highest cost declining to the right with Proactive Condition Monitoring yielding the lowest cost.

Billions of dollars are spent annually on excess maintenance and billions of dollars in productivity losses are resultant. Utilities and light manufacturing make up about half of this, 91 billion annually. Do you spend excess maintenance dollars? What are the associated productivity losses?


We strive to be an outstanding provider of excellent, prompt, friendly predictive maintenance and reliability services for our clients resulting in successful, prosperous and flourishing industry.

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When Kevin Nordenstrom founded Reliability Optimization, he sought to revolutionize the concept of predictive maintenance in industrial applications. The age of sifting through endless data to find a solution, is over. Our goal is to remove the camouflaged holes in your reliability program, give you peace of mind and increase your profitability. All reports, with no-non-sense, practical solutions are guaranteed within five business days of the data being collected.


Reliability Optimization Inc. has 25+ years of experience in the reliability field. We specialize in proven and practical predictive maintenance technologies. Our process of Route Cause Analysis leaves minimal guesswork providing you with real, workable solutions.


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