Motor Analysis

Electric motors are a fundamental component of the machinery at your plant. Almost 50% of motor failures are related to either stator or rotor failures. Another 40% of motor failures are due to bearing related failures, which can be detected using Vibration Measurement and Analysis. Catastrophic failures are avoided, and motors are no longer sent out for repair or replaced unless their condition requires it.

on line motor analysis

On-line Motor Analysis (OMA)

On-line Motor Analysis (OMA) aids in the trending and diagnosis of electrically related problems occurring in electric motors and power delivery systems. OMA trends, tracks, and analyzes motor electrical data, which is analogous of stator and rotor related failures. Production is not affected due to the fact that all testing is performed On-line.

Off-line Motor Circuit Evaluation (MCE)

Off-line Motor Circuit Evaluation (MCE) aids in analyzing critical plant equipment as required by other PdM testing analysis. MCE is normally performed annually and on an as needed basis as result of indications from other PdM Technologies such as OMA and Vibration Analysis. MCE provides a means of pinpointing and verifying problems indicated by other PdM testing.

off line motor analysis